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Audie Mertz, Chief of Police


The Mahoning Township Police Department is a full service police department providing quality service to our community.  The department is staffed by six (6) full time police officers.  Twenty-four hour township wide patrol and emergency response services are provided. The Mahoning Township Police Department is headquartered at 2685 Mahoning Drive East, Lehighton, PA.

Mission Statement



CALLS FOR SERVICE: To call the business line of the Police Department to report an emergency or non-emergency event delays a prompt response. To ensure proper timely reporting and prompt response, the below numbers should be called. In this way the dedicated Officers of the Mahoning Township Police Department can perform their duties expeditiously for Township residents, businesses or anyone else needing Police assistance. And by calling the Carbon County Communications Center there is a chronological record of the call for service and other related information.


DIAL 911 for Emergencies only

Crimes in Progress, Traffic Accident, Fire, Medical Emergency or any other situation requiring an immediate response by a Police Officer or from the Fire Department or an Ambulance, etc.



DIAL 1-800-452-1813 or 570-325-9111

if you need an Officer to respond to your home or business for Non-Emergencies
Crimes Not in Progress such as Vandalism, Theft, Burglary or any other situation that Does Not Require a Police Officer to expedite a response.




Speak with the Chief or any of the Officers and Staff, Request Information, Request Copies of Reports, etc.

EMAIL ADDRESS FOR INQUIRIES: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it